Arrival Information for New Postgraduates

Please note: the information on this page may be updated as the start of term approaches, so please ensure you check it regularly.

Travelling to Oxford: The University’s ‘New Student’ website has lots of useful information about travelling to Oxford from across the UK and the globe.

Collecting Keys/Fobs:

Keys/Fobs can be collected from the Porters’ Lodge at the entrance to the main site. If you are living out, you should still collect a fob so that you can access College facilities such as the HCR and Library. The address of the main site is Brasenose College, Radcliffe Square, Oxford, OX1 4AJ.

The Porters’ Lodge is open 24 hours. The telephone number of the Porters’ Lodge is (+44) (0)1865 277830.

Radcliffe Square is closed to vehicles except for loading/unloading. If family/friends are bringing you by car, they can drive up to the barrier on Catte Street and wait while you collect your keys from the Lodge. Taxis will drop you off either at the Catte Street barrier, or by St Mary’s Church on High Street.

If you are staying in College accommodation, your graduate accommodation will be located at a separate annexed site. The locations of the graduate annexes in relation to the main site are shown here. The map shows the routes by car from the Catte Street barrier to the annexe sites, via Oxford’s one-way system. A more direct route can be taken if walking. Please note that you must collect your fob first from the main college site.

Registration and enrolment:

If you are going to be resident in Oxford, once you have settled in to your accommodation, please visit the College Office to enrol and collect your University Card. You will need to enrol yourself first through student self-service before this can be completed. Alternatively, if you need to enrol remotely, please book an enrolment appointment with the Graduate Administrator.

Please note that international students who have a student visa will need to bring their passport and biometric residence card to be scanned before enrolment can be completed. If you are an EU student please ensure that you have your share code ready as we will need this to enrol you (this includes students with pre-settled status).

The College Office is located on the first floor of staircase 12 on the main site, and we are open on week days from 09:30 – 11:45 and 13:15 – 16:30. If you have a previous Oxford University Card please bring this with you as you will need to return it in exchange for your new card.

Meeting other students:

The HCR is open 24 hours and you are welcome to use it at any time (access is with a fob which you will be given by the Porters). The HCR is located in Old Quad (figure 4 on this map). If you would like to get in touch with a member of the HCR please email:

Prior to 0th Week, there will be limited catering. From the 25th September to 29th September Graduate freshers can book on via the UPay app for breakfast and lunch. Following the 2nd October freshers will also be able to book onto dinners.