Dates and Events for New Postgraduates

Please be aware the following information is relevant to Michaelmas starters only

Please note: the information on this page is likely to be updated as the start of term approaches, so please ensure you check it regularly.

This page summarises some of the key dates that you need to be aware of in your first weeks at Brasenose.

Wednesday 6th October, 6.30 pm: Welcome meeting with College Officers

A welcome meeting in the Chapel, with introductions from the Principal, Tutor for Graduates, Senior Tutor, Dean and Chaplain

Wednesday 6th October, 6.45pm for 7.15pm: Graduate Freshers’ Dinner

The Graduate Freshers’ Dinner will be your first opportunity to enjoy a formal dinner in College. Pre-dinner drinks will be served from 6.45pm, with dinner at 7.15pm. The dress code for this dinner will be smart (eg for men, jacket and tie, but NOT black tie). Gowns should also be worn if you have one by then (see point 1 of the Next Steps page for more information).

Saturday 16th October: Matriculation

Matriculation is the formal ceremony, held in the Sheldonian Theatre, by which you become a full member of Oxford University. It is anticipated that you will be expected to attend matriculation in person, and attendance is compulsory unless (i) you have previously matriculated at Oxford for another course, OR (ii) you have a previous degree from Cambridge University or Trinity College Dublin and wish to incorporate your previous degree instead of matriculating. If you have a degree from Cambridge University or Trinity College Dublin and would like to arrange to incorporate, or would like more information about incorporation, please email us (please note that there is a charge for this process). Some students have been given special permission to matriculate in absence (e.g. EMBA students), and your department will inform you if this is the case for your course. If you do not matriculate, you may still attend the Freshers’ photo at Brasenose after the ceremony. Further information about matriculation can be found here.

Full sub fusc must be worn for matriculation. Further details of timings and the dress code will be sent nearer the time, but in the meantime you can read more about matriculation and sub fusc here.

A full timetable of Fresher events, prepared by the HCR is available here.

The following induction events are also part of Freshers’ Week and mandatory for Graduate Freshers as they become a member of Brasenose College. The HCR timetable shows when these are taking place and online viewing facilities will be made available where possible for those who cannot attend in person due to quarantine or isolation.

  • Healthy & Safety
  • IT
  • Library
  • Medical
  • Welfare & Equalities/Diversity”

All events that take place in Freshers’ week have been organised in communication with the College and with respect to UK guidelines for COVID-19 precautions. A full risk assessment has been undertaken to ensure that all events are conducted as safely as possible. The format of events may change at short notice and contingency plans are in place for most events should there be a need to revert to previous government COVID restrictions. Please do not hesitate to contact the Freshers’ Rep if you have any concerns about participating in social events.

The University Freshers’ Fair will take place on Wednesday & Thursday of 0th week 6 & 7th October in University Parks, which sits in central Oxford.