Dates and Events for New Postgraduates

Dates & Events for New Postgraduates

Please be aware the following information is relevant to Michaelmas starters only

Please note: the information on this page is likely to be updated as the start of term approaches, so please ensure you check it regularly.

This page summarises some of the key dates that you need to be aware of in your first weeks at Brasenose.

The full timetable of events, prepared by the HCR is available here.

The following induction events are also part of Freshers’ Week and mandatory for Graduate Freshers as they become a member of Brasenose College; information as to their online occurrence will be shared shortly:

  • Healthy & Safety
  • IT
  • Library
  • Medical
  • Welfare & Equalities/Diversity”

All events part of Freshers’ week have been organised in communication with College to respect UK guidelines for COVID-19 precautions and will be updated accordingly to ensure all events are conducted safely. In general, many events have been moved online to allow for as many freshers to partake and any in-person events are to be held primarily in outdoor spaces and via a booking system to further facilitate social distancing. Please do not hesitate to contact the Freshers’ Rep if you have any concerns about participating in social events.

A Virtual University Freshers’ Fair will take place on Wednesday of 0th week (7th October 8am to 8 pm) – details will follow.

Wednesday September 16th, 2PM BST: HCR Fresher’s Week Q & A: Meet your Rep!

Saturday 17th October: Matriculation

Matriculation: this is the formal ceremony by which you become a full member of Oxford University. Due to the pandemic new students will be matriculated in absentia during 0th Week (Freshers’ Week), and a remote University welcome will be held. We will contact you with further details as soon as they are available.