Useful Information for New Postgraduates

On this page you will find some useful information from the College, the Hulme Common Room (postgraduate student body), the University, and others. Please also check the Next Steps and Dates and Events pages for other information about your arrival at Brasenose.

Please note: the information on this page is likely to be updated as the start of term approaches, so please ensure you check it regularly.

Information from College

Welcome Letter  from the Senior Tutor

Accommodation: if you have applied for Brasenose College accommodation you will have received details from the Accommodation Office. Please contact the Accommodation Manager if you have any queries about this.

College Contract: before enrolling as a student you will be asked to sign a College Contract to agree the terms of your relationship with Brasenose. Please download this from the next steps web page and submit it via the submissions portal.

Fees & Finances: the College will invoice you when you arrive for your University and College fees for the whole year, and any accommodation or other sundry charges for the first term. College bills are known as ‘Batels’, and payment is due by Wednesday of 2nd Week (20th October).

Bank Accounts:  A guide to opening a bank account for European and International Students can be found here

IT: once you have returned your University Card Form to your department you should receive an email giving you information on your University IT account (including your email address) and asking you to register online. More information about IT in College can also be found here.

Recommendations for IT equipment to support your learning can be found here.

Clothing recommendations: If restrictions regarding social distancing are reintroduced at any point to reduce the risk of  virus transmission, you may be required to spend more time outdoors or in less heated spaces such as marquees. You are therefore advised to bring warm and waterproof clothes and shoes, or purchase them as a priority on arrival in Oxford.

Student Handbook: known as the Blue Book, this outlines the key student regulations and gives more information on our welfare network, college facilities and student services.

College Library: the College Librarian has prepared some Graduate Library Info 2021 about Brasenose’s Library and its facilities.

Blackwells: Some information about where to purchase your academic books can be found here. 

Bodleian Libraries: More information can be found here on how to access the Bodleian Libraries.

College Map: we have produced a map of the main College site which also provides information on who to contact about various common queries.

College Advisers: information on the role of College Advisers is available here.

Student Handbook: known as the Blue Book, this outlines the key student regulations and gives more information on our welfare network, college facilities and student services. The 2020/21 version is available on the College website and the 2021/22 version will be added when it has been finalised in September


The HCR is the student body representing graduates in Brasenose. They have produced the following documents which you may find useful.

Welcome letter from the President

Graduate Freshers’ Guide

Transition to studying at Oxford University  – HCR support and guidance

Link to HCR Facebook site: the HCR invite you to join the Facebook group. Please note that the College is not responsible for the information on Facebook.


The University’s site for new students also has lots of useful information, and you should certainly look through it.

Maps & Directions

Travelling to Oxford: useful information on getting to Oxford, including suggestions for parking
Searchable Map of Oxford: showing how to get to the Brasenose College main site

Information for International Students can be found here

University Libraries: information on the University libraries is available here. The Bodleian Library have created a Welcome video that is available here

Academic Dress: a number of clothing shops in Oxford offer special deals on academic dress which you may like to take advantage of. These include Walters, Shepherd & Woodward, Castell & Son Ltd.

TV License: you need a TV Licence to watch or download BBC programmes on demand, including catch up TV or on BBC iPlayer. More information is available here.